Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

According to the low that was amended and implemented in August 2018 and in the order of attracting foreign investors, citizens of other countries can achieve the Turkish passport for their family and themselves in less than 3 month with over than 250.000 $

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Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme



After the amendment of the Turkish Citizenship Law in 2018, obtaining Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport is now easier than ever. And that is through the Turkish citizenship program for foreign investors, where the buyer and his family members, such as partner and children under the age of 18, benefit from this program when buying a property or a group of properties whose price exceeds 400,000$. All these procedures in a short period of time not exceeding 3 months from the date of purchase. The original value of the investment to obtain Turkish citizenship was exceeding one million dollars before this legal amendment.


    Obtaining Turkish citizenship is an unmissable opportunity given the benefits that the holder of this citizenship has. From the economic stability of those wishing to invest in the Turkish lands to the ease of travel to the developed world, considering the social stability and the many local opportunities in Turkey, the holder of Turkish citizenship enjoys many advantages both inside and outside of the Turkish Republic.


    The Turkish passport is ranked 22nd in the world. It allows entry to more than 110 countries without a visa or with a visa issued at the airport upon arrival. Here are some countries that the holder of a Turkish passport can enter without a visa; Qatar, Japan, South Korea... Obtaining a visa to enter the United States of America or the European Union has become very easy for Turkish passport holders as well.


    All this with the advantage of real estate investment, as Turkey does not oblige those wishing to obtain its passport to grant a gift to the state or to donate to a government agencies. But on the contrary, those who obtain Turkish citizenship through investment own 100% of their properties without any guarantor or local partners. They also enjoy the full investment return of their real estate as well as any original Turkish citizen, an investment which may reach 10% of the property price annually.


    To obtain Turkish citizenship, you must purchase one or more properties worth more than $ 400,000, provided that in the process of purchasing this property or properties, rules and conditions such as the "property document are be officially registered with the district municipality. "," Purchase the property only from Turkish citizens "," Official confirmation of property price by one of the property valuation companies in Turkey "," Payment of property price by the buyer officially through the bank "and" Official commitment that you must not sell the property for three years after the purchase.



Fast procedure
By buying a property in Turkey, you can obtain Turkish citizenship for yourself and your family within a maximum of 90 working days.
Accepting visa applications for America and Europe
The possibility of accepting visa applications for European countries and the United States of America for Turkish passport holders is very high, especially when presenting documents for owning high-priced properties in Turkey.
Entry to 110 countries without visa
The Turkish passport is ranked 50nd worldwide. Turkish passport holders can enter more than 70 countries without a visa and enter more than 40 other countries with a visa taken upon arrival. Here are some of these countries: Qatar, Japan, South Korea...
Citizenship for all family members
Unlike many countries, Turkey grants Turkish citizenship to the investor and to all members of his family, including the partner and children under 18 years old.
Citizenship for life
Investors are granted Turkish citizenship for life and not for a limited period such as residency. Turkish citizenship does not need to be renewed.
There is no second class citizen
All Turkish citizens are equal. After the investor obtains Turkish citizenship, he is legally treated as any original Turkish citizen. There are no differences in rights and duties between the new Turkish citizens and the original ones.
It is an investment, not a donation
To obtain Turkish citizenship, you invest your money by buying a property with a profit and rent return, not by giving a donation to the state or to any governmental or private entity.
High profit investment
The real estate and construction sector is one of the largest economic pillars of Turkey, which acts as an economic stimulus for this developing country and brings huge profits to investors.
Investing in a developing country
Turkey, with It's high economic growth rate, is one of the most attractive countries for investing and making huge profits.
High standard of living
The standard of living and income in Turkey is even higher than in many European countries and cities; Investors can use extraordinary urban services, just as Turkish citizens.
Free education
Public education in Turkey is free for Turkish citizens. Free education includes both top-ranked Turkish public schools and universities.
Modern health system
Turkey has one of the largest, most modern and, of course, cheapest medical systems in the world; The medical tourism industry has now become a huge source of income for Turkey.

Citizenship Step By Step

  • 1


    You can contact our experts at Sun and Sky Real Estate and travel to Turkey after receiving advice on buying property and prices; Our experts will show you the right property as your desire.

  • 2


    The transaction should be performed as a bank transfer from a bank account registered to the name of the buyer exclusively. We will assist you in all the procedures for opening a personal bank account for you in Turkey in the event that it is not possible to send the transfer from a personal account in your name from abroad. The transfer is formally sent to the account of the original owner of the property and the formally stamped and signed receipts of payment should be kept.

  • 3


    After the payment is completed, the title deed document (Tapu) will be given within a few days after it is issued by the official real estate ownership department in Turkey. The actual price of the property must be written in the Tapu Document, otherwise the property will not be accepted in the citizenship process.

  • 4


    The approvement document is a document issued by the Turkish Ownership Department that proves to the concerned authorities that the property is suitable to let the owner to obtain Turkish citizenship after purchasing it. To issue this document, the company must submit an application to the Tapu Directorate, attaching the original title deed (Tapu) with the real estate evaluation report issued by a recognized real estate evaluation office.

  • 5


    All required papers are submitted along with the personal papers of the buyer and all his family members, translated and certified. The applicant is also given an online tracking number to follow up on his citizenship file. It may take up to 90 days to study the citizenship file.

  • 6


    After obtaining the approval of the citizenship file, the national number of the client and all his family members will be obtained. After that, the Turkish national identity is submitted, followed by the Turkish passport directly. All papers mentioned can be submitted within a period not exceeding two weeks.

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