Turkish Residence Permit by Real Estate Investment

By buying a property in Turkey, regardless of It's price, you can obtain Turkish residency for all your family members. Foreigners who buy property in Turkey, until they're haven't sell it, they can renew their residence once in every 2 years and acquire Turkish citizenship after 5 years.

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Turkish Residence Permit by Investment Programme



Obtaining the Turkish residence permit by buying a property is very easy and It's even considered as one of the rights of the client. The customer can obtain the residence permit in Turkey for themselves and all their family members to have fixed assets in Turkey immediately after purchasing the property, regardless of It's price and location. The duration of these residence permits varies from one to two years and can be extended directly, unless the property get sold.


    Certainly, obtaining residence permit in Turkey through real estate ownership is desirable and pleasant for all investors in Turkey, because as a holder of a residence permit in Turkey, they will have many benefits inside the country. They can live in Turkey and commute freely between the provinces of Turkey. They also have the right to obtain the residence permit for their spouse and children under the age of 18. It is also much easier to renew the residence permit on properties than the other residence permits. Registering a company, opening an account and accessing the international banking system, accessing all educational and health services provided to Turkish citizens, and benefiting from Turkish medical services at a very low cost are the other advantages and benefits of this type of residence permit.


    The benefits of the real estate permit are not limited to educational and health services, but property residence permit holders have legal rights which they're not available for other types of residence permits, such as tourist residence permits. For example, a holder of the residence permit can apply for Turkish citizenship if they had not left Turkey for more than one year during this period after 5 years of continuous extension of residence. All these benefits and even more than what has been said, regardless of the price and the features, are easily possible only by buying a property in Turkey.


    To obtain the real estate permit in Turkey, it is necessary to buy a property in one of the cities of Turkey, regardless of Its type and location; And that's allows the investor to choose the property and location freely. This property can be a residential apartment, land or commercial property, and the buyer can get the real estate permit regardless of the price and location of the property. After purchasing the property, an official title deed (Tapu) must be prepared and registered in the name of the buyer. The title deed is the most important document during buying a property, and it is the document that proves that the buyer is the owner of the property. Obtaining the residence permit on the property is not possible without obtaining the title deed. As long as the holder of the residence permit is still the owner of the title deed and the property, the residence permit will be easily and continuously renewed.



/media/Turkish_citizenship_after_5_years_.png Turkish citizenship after 5 years
The holder of the real estate residence permit in Turkey is able to obtain Turkish citizenship after 5 years of its extension, unless they leave Turkey for a period exceeding one year in these five years. This law does not apply to tourist residence permits.
/media/Permanent_residency_after_8_years_.png Permanent residency after 8 years
If It's not possible for the holder of realestate residence permit to stay and live permanently in Turkey, they can obtain permanent residence in Turkey after 8 years by not selling the property and extending their residence permit.
/media/Fast_procedure_.png Fast procedure
The procedures for obtaining Turkish residence permit are relatively fast compared to the procedures for obtaining residence permits in many other countries.
/media/Accepting_visa_applications_.png Accepting visa applications
Holders of Turkish residence permits can apply for European countries, the United States, etc visas from Turkey. Holders of realestate permits in Turkey will have a better chance for obtaining visa by showing their title deed.
/media/Freedom_to_enter_and_roam_in_turkey-revision_.png Freedom to enter and roam in Turkey
A residence permit guarantees its holder the right to enter Turkey from any country without a visa. The real estate residence permit also allows its holder to roam completely free in each of the 81 Turkish states.
/media/residence_permits_for_all_family_members_.png Residence permits for all family members
Unlike many countries, Turkey grants Turkish residence permits to the investor and to all members of his family, including the partner and children under 18 years old.
/media/Ease_of_extension.png Ease of extension
It is much easier to renew the Real Estate residence permit in Turkey than the other residence permits; The only condition for renewal is not to sell the property by the foreign investor.
/media/Residance_permit_without_a_sponsor-revision.png Residence permit without a sponsor
Real estate residence permit in Turkey does not require any Turkish sponsor or real estate partner. The ownership of the properties belongs entirely to their foreign owners.
/media/Ease_of_legal_and_financial_procedures_.png Obtaining civil and financial rights
Obtaining the residence permit in Turkey allows you to obtain a wide range of rights of Turkish citizens; The rights including opening a bank account, buying a car, obtaining driver's license, registering a company, importing and exporting, and free education for children in Turkish public schools.
/media/Civil_rights_close_to_the_rights_of_citizens.png Civil rights close to the rights of citizens
Holders of residence permit in Turkey, except to the right to vote, in other cases, such as the right to free education, health services, business activities, employment rights, work permits, etc. have the same rights as Turkish citizens.
/media/Establishing_a_company_and_a_business.png Establishing company and obtaining work permit
The holder of the residence permit in Turkey has the right to easily perform their business activities with the whole world by establishing a company; they also has the right to obtain a work permit in Turkey through their company.
/media/Applying_for_job_opportunities.png Job opportunities
The holder of the Turkish residence permit is free to apply for job opportunities in Turkey; Or register a company and start their own business.

Residency Step By Step

  • 1

    Contacting our company and booking the property

    You can contact our experts at Sun and Sky Real Estate and travel to Turkey after receiving advice on buying property and prices; Our experts will show you the right property as your desire.

  • 2

    Completing the payment

    The transaction should be performed as a bank transfer from a bank account registered to the name of the buyer exclusively. We will assist you in all the procedures for opening a personal bank account for you in Turkey in the event that it is not possible to send the transfer from a personal account in your name from abroad. The transfer is formally sent to the account of the original owner of the property and the formally stamped and signed receipts of payment should be kept.

  • 3

    Obtaining the title deed document

    After the payment is completed, the title deed document (Tapu) will be given within a few days after it is issued by the official real estate ownership department in Turkey. The actual price of the property must be written in the Tapu Document, otherwise the property will not be accepted in the residentship process.

  • 4

    Booking an online appointment

    Getting an online appointment is done by filling out the relevant form on the website of the Immigration Office, which requires a lot of expertise and accuracy. At Sun and Sky Real Estate, we provide free reservation and applying for residence permit services to our customers. It is worth mentioning that from the step of booking an online appointment to the step of confirmation of residence, the applicant for residence permit must be present in Turkey.

  • 5

    Delivery of required documents

    After collecting the required documents, such as a copy of the property document, health insurance, residence payment receipt, etc., the Turkish residence applicant must submit the mentioned documents in person to the Immigration Office on the specified date.

  • 6

    Obtaining real estate residence permit

    After submitting the required documents, on average, a confirmation or non-confirmation of the applicant's residence will be sent within one to three weeks. If the applicant's residence is confirmed, their residence card will be sent to the address registered in the residence application form shortly.

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