Sun And Sky Real Estate About us

About Us

The company of Sun and Sky Real Estate offers service to the countries of Europe, Africa, Middle East and other parts of the world which want to make investment in Turkish real estate sector via

Our company, Sun and Sky Real Estate , makes selling, purchasing, and renting operations together with consultancy as legal with the real estate business certificate given by Turkish Republic.

After years, Turkish real estate sector has become interesting for many investors from different parts of the world after The Turkish Government legislated a new law which opens the doors of Turkish real estate sector to many foreign investors of many new countries. That’s why, Sun and Sky Real Estate is ready to give the best service to all countries of the world with its foreign consultant and experts who have good command of Turkish and many other languages.

Sun and Sky Real Estate has agreements with many companies and construction companies in Turkey and is ready to give the best service as soon as possible to you.

Quality, customer satisfaction and gaining the trust of the customers is important for us.

Our judiciary and technical staffs are always with you from your first steps (choosing the house and purchasing) till the process after sale ( taking residence permit, registration of your children to school, renting your house etc.).