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Top Residentially and Economically Attractive Areas in Istanbul


For those who visited Istanbul or lived in for a period of time then left for short period of time, And then returned will think themselves in a different city than the one they have visited. Istanbul is like Turkey and all other major cities in the world, It’s a city that keeps evolving and expanding every day and absorbing many districts and towns in its surrounding. Many areas, roads, tunnels and bridges are under constructions and reconstruction continuously. Subway trains which was a dream for Istanbul now connects all the sides of the city to each other in addition to Tram beside the Metrobus lines. In the past years the city has become a big workshop that is rapidly working not only in the middle of the city but even farthest point of the city is working at the same rapid pace.


There’s a constant emergence of districts and residential areas that are being built using modern standards, Taking into account even the smallest details of what a person might need in his daily life from wide roads, parking lots and bridges to services and others. Following is a list of the most important districts and towns that can be developed and turned into a profitable investment.


Basın Ekspres:


It is located in the European side and through it passes the highway that connects the two main roads of Istanbul road E5 and E6. This area is witnessing a rapid development, After it was an industrial area on the far side of Istanbul with many major factories, It became a central area inside the city of Istanbul and the factories inside it were turned into fancy building and big malls, There are also 15 new hotels currently being constructed . And the experts of the real estate business are pointing out to the importance of this area and its evolvement to a classy district like the famous Maslak district.


Cendere yolu:


It is close to Maslak, And everything we have mentioned previously in the first district are included here , It is the oldest industrial area in Istanbul, It witnessed in the past years a major attention, As it’s roads, infrastructure and buildings got revamped while constructing new buildings. It is also one of the areas that are being nominated to become one of the highest class districts of Istanbul in the coming years.




In year 1999 Beylikdüzü was allocated for social organizations, And after the private sector has entered the city development started in a rapid pace and it became the fastest developing district in Istanbul. Beylikdüzü is located in the European side and west of Avcilar district and east to küçükçekmece and it is one of the new areas in Istanbul, It is full of residential areas and long modern buildings as well are some of the biggest malls, hospitals, schools and universities, It is even considered a city inside a city, As its residents doesn’t need to go to Istanbul for shopping as they have everything they need inside of it, Beylikdüzü is attracting residents from inside and outside Istanbul because of its closeness to Istanbul and that have all life needs inside the district, And what made the district more important is the construction of the Metrobus line that connects it to the center of Istanbul and extend to the Asian part of it, Beylikdüzü is one of the areas that was planned with a consistent design and it also attracts residents from the middle and higher class, from doctors, lawyers teachers. Bankers and other sectors.


Kartal District:


In the Asian part of Istanbul, and is nominated to become similar to classy Maslak and Levant districts, It is overlooking the coast from one side and the E5 highway from the other side, Its transit service has noticeably evolved and modern buildings were constructed in the city as well as revamping the old ones specially the ones overlooking the coast, It is noted that the city is filled with buildings that are prepared for families and companies.




It is one of the areas that are quite close to Istanbul but stayed until recently as a rural area, where farming and the animal raising is active, the real value of it has been discovered recently and the capitals started competing to invest in this district, And soon it will become a meeting point for all the giant projects across Turkey.




One of the areas overlooking the coast in the European side of Istanbul that got affected by the 1999 earthquake, this district was filled with random residences and small workshops, But after the earthquake resistant buildings regulation bill was passed it is expected to be one of the most profitable real estate businesses in Istanbul, and you can notice the beginning of the large projects from E5 freeway.




Even though it is a central area in the middle of the European Istanbul but big projects took long time to reach it and it’s an industrial area with many factories, But after building a number of big malls and a reorganization decision, It is expected to have a bright future.




Located in the Asian part of Istanbul, It wasn’t a part of Istanbul until the construction of Sabiha Gokcen airport the destiny of this district has changed and The airport perimeter has changed to an area full of hotels and big projects and a conference hall was built, And the district is still really promising for a better future.




It’s located on the Asian part of Istanbul and used to have a bad reputation where tires was burned, But after two companies sinpaş and sur yapı realized the potential of that area, The two companies constructed multiple projects in it and the city started to witness increased number of inhibitor and the construction of thousands of residential areas for middle and high class people.




In the European part of Istanbul, And one of the most populated districts in Istanbul and it has many random residences, But after the country started building many residential areas in the district it became an attraction to capitals. And state projects have started to surround the area to give the district a modern look.