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Property Tax

There are extra fees that should be paid non-real estate price like:


4% from the real estate price goes to property transfer tax and it’s paid once in one of the government banks, while the title deed will be received!


1. 65€ goes to real estate registry as a registry tax.
2.Compulsory insurance against natural disasters (earthquakes, torrent, fire, terrorism, etc. ) covering the real estate and its contents. This should be applying for once the real estate becomes the new owner’s name. You can’t get the membership of the water and electricity without this insurance. Insurance rate differ regarding the size of the real estate, and it is renewed every year. (Price will be around 100 EUR – 500 EUR)
3. 0,1% – 0,3% of the real estate price goes to the property tax, and should be paid before the end of the May every year.
4. Other expenses related to electricity, water and gas subscriptions, and only paid one time. In addition for land phone, T.V and Internet which are optional:




• 120€ for Installing new electricity meter, paid for once.
• 30€ for transferring a pre-Installed electricity meter’s name, paid for once.
• 0.10€ per kw/h for electricity consuming per hour, including the added value tax and other taxes.




• 170€ Installing new water meter, paid for once.
• 30€ for transferring the per-installed water meter’s name, paid for once.
• 0.75€ for consuming one m3 of water, paid for once. Excluding the added value.


Land phone:


Only who have residence permit in Turkey, is able to get a land phone.
• 0.039€ the regular cost for a call.
• 7.20€ for a regular subscription cost per month.
There is a small sum paid to the compound for security, cleaning service and building maintenance. This amount determined by facility management, after the project is finished and handed to their dwellers completely, and it differs regarding to each apartment size.