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Information Considerations


There are many aspects that must be taken in consideration when you decide to buy a house or a property in Turkey in order not to fall as a victim of a scam or stealing by parasitical on this sector.


You must make sure of who you are in the process of dealing with them, whether companies or individuals, and make sure they are licensed in the Turkish real estate market. You might be surprised by any ordinary person or even a taxi driver offers assistance to find your order. Although the Turkish laws protect foreign investors and guarantee their rights. However there are always groups who can find tricks on law . So the first step you need to do valuable investor is to look for a real estate agent (realtor) licensed and recognized through the Internet and to communicate with them and get an idea of the available projects that they offer. Through this communication and answers that you are going to get, you shall see the sincerity of the realtor or not, and always remember that a good realtor leads you to a suitable property which you like.


At the initial stability on one of the options that offer to you, you must visit the property and preview it on the ground to make sure of all the questions and inquiries that may disturb making your decision, and asking about the developer of the project and its history and its status for not falling as a victim in projects that may stop due to lack of funding or legal problems. Some believes that it will save the commission which will be awarded to the realtor but this could cost them a lot, because the presence of a real estate agent provides some protection to you in addition to the services that could be provided to you in sequence from buying the house, and up to service after the purchase of the membership of the water, electricity, gas, internet and telephone as well as legal advice in all matters that may encounter you.


One other errors that can fall into is not asking for other expenses that must be paid, expenses of maintenance and cleanliness and other services and you must know that these expenses increase or decrease depending on the services provided within the complex and by area of the house that you intend to buy in Turkey.